Route description to practice Dr Iwens in Tervuren


Dokter Peter Iwens -Tervuren - Plan d'accésThe practice is centrally located at the Robianostraat 7 in 3080 Tervuren.

Coming from Leuven

Drive past the Royal Museum of Central Africa and straight on at the roundabout direction centre Tervuren. At the T junction you then take right into the Brusselsesteenweg. You then go straight and turn right in the second street you then are in the Robianostraat.

Coming from Brussels

Take the four arms crossroad (ring) direction Tervuren.
Take right at the first traffic lights in Tervuren (Brusselsesteenweg) and then the second street left, you will be in the de Robianostraat.


There is no private car park but you can park in the de Rabianostraat or one of the adjacent streets. Attention! You need to use a parking permit in the Oppemstraat and the Brusselsesteenweg.
There is a public car park at approximately 250 metres in the Brusselsesteenweg just past the Standaard bookshop at no. 32 coming from Leuven

Public transport

From Brussels: tram 44 from Montgomery Square
From Leuven: bus no. 315, 316, 317, 410.


Dokter Peter Iwens

de Robianostraat 7
3080 Tervuren - Belgium


Tel.: 02 768 07 91
Gsm: 0475 97 47 83

By appointment

ma: 08h00-12h00
tu - we - fr: 08h00-12h00 & 14h00-19h20
th: 13h00-15h00

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